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Build a recruiting profile that "sells" you to coaches, scouts, and recruiters. This profile has two sections:

PUBLIC Profile - The Public profile has information that any college coach or recruiter can see. This includes statistics, highlight videos, biography, and more.

PRIVATE Profile - The Private profile contains information to be shared directly with a coach. You have total control over who sees this information.

Stats are what catches a recruiters eye, and highlight videos are what keep their attention. An athlete's profile allows for statistics for one sport and two positions. Example - Football: QB & MLB
Stats will grab a college coach's attention, but your highlight videos are what holds their attention. Get On The Radar allows you to link your highlight videos to your public recruiting profile. By adding your highlight videos to your public profile a coach can view them 24/7/365.
Get On The Radar has a college coach database of over 24,000 coaches. The database covers nine sports, both men's & women's, across all divisions. D-1, D-2, D-3, NAIA, and Juco. An Athlete can search for coaches by name, university, coaching title, and location.
Get On The Radar's college coach database of over 24,000 coaches contains the information that an athlete really desires: CONTACT and SOCIAL MEDIA information. This information allows the athlete to PROACTIVELY contact coaches instead of sitting back and being REACTIVE about their recruiting process.
Get On The Radar has an internal communication channel. This allows coaches to initiate contact internally with an athlete. This direct channel allows coaches and athletes to communicate in real-time and in private. The athlete can terminate the communication channel at any time.



Connect with coaches to create relationships to earn that scholarship to keep playing.

Be proactive. Take control of your recruiting process. Move yourself from the REACTIVE part of the equation to the PROACTIVE side.



A scholarship will help offset the financial burden of college. Anything helps, from any division.

This is a numbers game. Start the recruiting process early and reach out to as many coaches as possible. Make connections. Get the scholarship.



These tools help your players take control of their recruiting process, be proactive..

We know you have limited time and resources. But reality is reality, and you can't help everyone. Let us help you and your athletes!



Our tools allow athletes to be PROACTIVE in the recruiting process instead of REACTIVE.

The best ability is availability, but how do coaches learn about the availability of a student-athlete? Take control of the process!



Get a look behind the scenes, see some of the inner workings on how Get On The Radar can help student-athletes connect with college coaches.

Learn the how, what, and why that went into the creation of Get On The Radar.


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  • Coaches Name
  • Coaching Position(s)
  • Coach Contact Information
  • Coach Social Media Information
  • University and Team Contact Information
  • Direct Coach-Athlete Connection Options

    The public profile displays information you want coaches to see and do not mind if it is in the public eye, such as social media info, highlight videos, stats, etc. This public profile "sells" you to coaches 24/7/365.


    The private profile has information you share with a coach once a solid relationship has been formed. The "connected coach" is the only one who can see this information. You control when a coach sees this information.


  • Everything Is Included
  • No Silly Upgrades
  • No Extra Tiers To Buy Into
  • No Add-Ons or Up-Sells
  • One Price - All Inclusive
  • Average $10/Mo
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